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Kirk/Spock Bunnies!

February 2009

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Numb3rs: Charlie is Adorable

Numb3rs Ficathon- F is for Frisk

Numb3rs – F is for Frisk

Written for the numb3rsficathon ABCs of Crime slash ficathon.

Title: F is for Frisk
Fandom: Numb3rs
Rating: PG
Summary: The shadows always hid them, anyways.
Pairings: Don/ Charlie
Warnings: None, unless you count the incest. *grins*
Disclaimer: I don’t own Numb3rs.





...F is for Frisk...

The lighting was poor in the nighttime streets, but it suited Don’s needs perfectly. He didn’t care if they were in a largely populated place, the FBI milling around and pedestrians standing to the side, with a dead body only yards away, all that he cared for was the curly haired man stuck between himself and the brick wall of the apartment complex. His callused hands ran over his brother’s clothes and touched every available surface. 
“Don?” Charlie murmured in confusion, shaking. “I-Don? Don, I’m okay, I’m alright.” Don stayed silent and instead slouched against Charlie’s arms, a hand stroking the dark skin of Charlie’s cheek in a most decidedly un-brotherly fashion. 
“What were you thinking?” he asked instead. “What were you doing?” His other hand curled into a fist and he slammed it into the stones. “What did you think you were doing?” 

“I,” Charlie stuttered, “she was, they were going to…Don, I couldn’t let them do it.” 

“So you decided to jump in the way and save her, huh? Did you even think about the consequences?” 

“She has…had a family. I couldn’t just stand by and let her die, knowing how they would feel.” 

“And what about us, huh?” Don breathed. “What about your family? Do you know how we would feel?” His fists hit the brick by Charlie’s head again and the mathematician flinched. “It could be you over there! Your blood staining the concrete, your brains splattered on the ground. Did you even think about us, buddy?” Charlie was shrinking as far into the wall as possible and Don resumed his patting down. He said quieter, “It could be me standing over you.” 

“Don,” Charlie whispered. “I’m sorry. She’s just…Donnie, she was just twelve.” 

“I know,” his brother replied, “and your just thirty-two. Buddy, your still mine and I’ll not have you die on me yet.” Don caressed his cheek gently. Softly, slowly, quietly, he kissed a trail down Charlie’s face, trailing from emotional dark eyes, over the curve of his jaw and down his neck to nip at his pulse point. Charlie inhaled sharply. 

“Don, people!” 

“I won’t lose you Charlie,” his brother said harshly, “not to them, not to anyone.” Nobody would see them; the shadows always hid them anyways. He bit harder this time and Charlie clutched at his shoulders. 

If only for a moment, Charlie could ignore the whirring of sirens and the loud voices of milling FBI agents, he could even pretend there wasn’t the body of a twelve-year-old girl splattered on the ground and her blood covering his shirt. For just that moment, he didn’t even care about the close proximity to the police and the blatant display of their own law breaking. 

He clutched Don tighter and never wanted to let go.




that's right charlie! think about how don feels! and next, don will screw and pwn Charlie *runs away* lol

Members of asakuracest, raise our hands!

Hello~ This is just a friendly reminder from the club to all members. We live! Help us keep it that way! *waves pom pons* We don’t want our little lair to turn into one of those journals that update every 187 weeks! >_<

We don’t really need much, just some sort of sign of life every now and then. You don’t even have to post! But when others actually do, it’d be nice to see an encouraging comment every now and then! I know we are all very busy, but it won’t take more than twenty seconds, maybe a minute with an ungodly slow computer…

Well, in another news, the adult part of the club is open, porn Galore, yay~! (found here --> http://asylums.insanejournal.com/asakuracest/profile ) I’ll upload a few smutty pics in a day or two, and also, a friend of mine is translating doujinshies and pics for us. I also found two new doujinshies of twincest ^w^

Either way, I’d really appreciate some help every now and then. I actually do like sharing, but when you have idea if anyone even cares of not… Well, there’s not really much point on it, as you can simply zip to your friends privately and it’s easier that go through the work of coding, posting, uploading etc. If I must be truthful, I can work very hard, but I’m prone to laziness without some sort of motivation. It’s seriously disappointing when other do something and don’t get any sort of recognition whatsoever!

And remember the new chapter in the manga will be out soon! Let’s hope that will bring some new blood to this fandom! >_<^


Ps: sorry I’m bothering you over here; I had no other way of contacting. If you want me to delete this post, I’ll do it immediately, and I swear I did not mean to bother.